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1.1 This website is supplied, owned, and operated by H&S Creative, s.r.o.

1.2 H&S Creative, s.r.o., is a limited company having its registered seat at: Meteorová 5, 821 02 Bratislava, Slovakia, registered with the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I., sec.: Sro, insert no.: 50549/B (hereinafter referred to as „the Provider“), ID No.: 43 995 021, TAX ID: 2022541444, EU VAT ID: SK2021869234, contact email:, phone number: +421 903 222 300, is a provider of private chauffeured services, personnel transportation services and other related services (hereinafter referred individually as „ Service“ or altogether as „ Services“) in accordance with the scope of business registered with the Commercial Register.

1.3 The subject matter of GTC is to determine the rights and obligations of the Provider and the User. GTC are an inseparable part of the Agreement concluded between the Provider and the Customer.

1.4 These GTC shall apply only to providing the Customers with the Services stated therein and together with all the other written contractual documents and oral agreements concluded between the Provider and the Customer related with providing the Services, they shall define the scope of the contractual relationship between the Provider and the Customer. These GTC shall not apply to a delivery of goods to third parties by the Provider as a supplier.

1.5 Terms and expressions defined or used in these GTC shall apply and have the same meaning in all contractual relationships between the Provider and the User related with the Services, unless it is stipulated by a generally binding regulation or concluded in writing by the contracting parties otherwise.

1.6. “Customer” is an individual or legal person, to which, on the base of an order or an agreement, the Provider provides personal transportation services , i.e. primarily personal transportation services from the Point of origin to the Point of destination.

1.7. Point of Origin is the place set by the Customer (“Origin”), where the Provider is obliged to pick-up the Customer at the agreed date and time.

1.8 Point of Destination is the place set by the Customer (“Destination”), where the Provider is obliged to transport the Customer to, at the agreed date and time.

1.9 By paying the Price for ordered Service the User thereby agrees to have acquainted with these GTC.


2.1. When the order is confirmed, the Provider is obliged to:

a.) pick-up the number of person(s) specified in the scope of the order at the Origin and complete the transportation of such persons to the Destination.

b.) in case of inability of the Provider to appear at the Origin at the agreed date and time, immediately contact and inform the Customer about such situation, and find an alternative resolution.

2.2. In case of no former written agreement, the contractual relationship between the Provider and the Customer is established at the point when the Customer’s order is accepted by the Provider (in the case of an online order, at the point when the order has been paid in full). At this point, a contractual obligation of the Provider to fulfil transportation of the person(s) defined in the order and the Customer to pay for such service(s) in full is established, in accordance with these GTC and Provider price list.

2.3. The Provider can fulfil his obligation by using a third-party provider, and the Customer agrees that in order to fulfil the obligation, the Provider is authorised to use any third-party provider and subcontract any or all services included in the order at the conditions set by the Provider.

2.4 If the Customer decides to cancel the order after the full payment has been made, and before any actual services were delivered by the Provider, the Provider will refund the amount paid by the Customer by a bank transfer to the bank account specified by the Customer in 10 business days. A processing fee of 5% will be deducted from the amount refunded to the customer.


3.1. The Customer is obliged to:

a.) order the Service(s) by means specified by the Provider, i.e. by telephone, electronically (through e-mail or online booking system on this website)

b.) include full contact information, i.e. first name, family name, e-mail, telephone number and address, date and time of the pick-up, specify a route, number of persons to be transported, vehicle type and optionally company registration information and flight information.  In the case of a custom route, also the address of Origin and address of Destination.

c.) supply the Provider with correct information about point of Origin and date and time of pick-up, otherwise the Provider is not responsible for not arriving at the point of Origin at the agreed date and time.


4.1. The obligation of the Provider to transport person(s) specified in the order is considered fulfilled by transporting the Customer to and arriving at the point of Destination.


5.1. The Customer is obliged to fully acquaint with the current price list of the Provider publicly accessible at the website, or through online booking system, which calculates and displays the price automatically during the ordering process.

5.2 VAT

Pricing is exclusive of VAT if  a) the point of Origin is within Slovakia and the point of Destination is outside Slovakia b) the point of Origin is outside Slovakia and the point of Destination is within Slovakia c)both the point of Origin and the point of Destination are outside Slovakia

5. 3 Transportation fees per km

Custom route: 1 €/km for vehicle of up to 3 persons (limo), 1.40 € / km for vehicle of more than 3 and up to 7 persons (van)

Fixed route  – Prices indicated in the pricing list and in the online booking system are fixed prices for one-way trip from the point of Origin to the point of Destination.

Wait time – 15 € / hour

5.4. The customer is obliged to pay for the Service provided in accordance with these GTC and the current price list, if not agreed differently.

5.5. The payment can be paid by: 

a.) cash or credit card at the time of exiting from the vehicle at the point of Destination,

b.) bank transfer, based on the invoice issued by the Provider  – payable in 14 days from the date of issuance,

d.) online payment when using the online booking system, at the time of order confirmation through a payment gateway provided at the end of the checkout process. Online order will not be accepted as binding until not paid in full at the time of reservation.

5.6. The fees invoiced by the Provider to the Customer in accordance with these GTC or the current price list are invoiced VAT inclusive when the route’s point of Destination is within Slovak Republic, and exclusive VAT when the point of Destination is not within the Slovak Republic.


6.1. If the Customer believes the provided Services lack the quality or the agreed scope, he is entitled to file a complaint with the Provider. Complaints should to be reported by the Customer immediately or in no more than 14 days from the date the Service was delivered and the order completed.

6.2. In accordance with the previous section, the complaint is required to be in written or electronic form and must contain accurate and detailed description of the issue and must be delivered within the time specified in the previous section.

6.3. If the Customer does not file his claims within the time period and in the form as specified in sections 7.1 and 7.2, it is assumed that the Services were delivered satisfactorily and on-time and all subsequent claims will be denied.

6.4. If Customer cancels an already paid order, and before actual Service fulfilment, the order will be cancelled without any cancellation fees and the price paid will be refunded in full; with the exception of online card payment, where a processing fee of 5% will be deducted as specified in section 2.4. Card and invoice payments will be refunded by bank transfer as specified in section 2.4. Cash payments will be refunded in cash.

6.5. Processing claims:

a) If it is not possible to resolve claim immediately, it is necessary to write a claims document signed by the Provider and the Customer.

b) The customer is obliged to supply correct and truthful information about the lack of quality or the issue with the supplied Service and cooperation during the claims process.

c) An appointed employee of the Provider will decide whether the claim is well founded or not, in most cases immediately, in complex cases within 3 business days.

6.6. The Provider is obliged to inform the Customer about the statues of the claim process, no later than 30 days from the date of claim submission, i.e. from the date of receiving all necessary information and documents from the Customer.


7.1. All legislative relationships created between the Provider and the Customer are bound by legislative measures of the Slovak Republic. In the matters not declared by the contract or these GTC, declarations from the Commercial Code will be applied.

7.2.  These GTC are applied before any possible distinct declaration of the persons or employees acting in the name of the Provider, except when this distinct declaration is in written form and signed by a person authorised to act on behalf of the Provider.

7.3. These GTC are only applicable if different terms were not established in a written legal contract.

7.4. These GTC are published and publicly accessible on the internet site In case of any dispute between the written GTC and the GTC published on the internet, the publicly available, internet published version is preferred and applied. This version is the only authentic version of the GTC.


8.1.The Customer is supplying the Provider with the data necessary for his identification in the booking system and for invoice processing purposes.

8.2. The Provider commits to handle Customer private data in accordance with valid legislative measures, and collects them solely for the purposes stated in previous section and for quality improvement purposes.

8.3. By using the website and the online booking system, the Customer consents with collecting and using supplied personal information in the Provider reservation system for booking and invoicing purposes.9

8.3 When processing personal data the Provider shall act in accordance with the national law of the Slovak Republic and with the law of the EU and to the highest extent possible shall respect the privacy of data subjects and protect their personal data which were provided to the controller and are being processed.

8.4 The Customer can recall this consent and ask for a removal of all supplied personal information from all systems used by the Provider, by sending e-mail to

These GTC were published 18.12.2018

This translation is provided as a courtesy only. Legally binding terms and conditions are provided in Slovak language only.